When Harry met Sally

When Harry met Sally, originally uploaded by Split Pearsonality.

These two plants on my bathroom window sill always crack me up. The one on the right with the over-extended "Arm" always reminds me of some guy in a bar trying a pick-up line on the prim and proper lady on the left.

Sayyadieh - Lebanese Fish and Rice

Had a Fish and Rice dish from the phenomenal Fadi's restaurant in Houston. Have been trying to recreate it forever, finally got a similar recipe from Arabesque by Claudia Roden.

Global Toast - from Bombay to France

Gave two types of Toast a spin today - French Toast and Masala Bombay Toast


A Shopping List by A Three Year Old

Emergency Early dismissal led to a three year old being home today. Got him to make the grocery list as went on errands. Funny how he thought our grocery store sold fur (mink?)

Brown Butter Pasta With Vegetables

Made this to go with some salmon for dinner. The bag of salmon recommended "brown butter pasta" so off I trotted to Google to find a recipe. Pasta tossed with brown butter (beurre noisette), mushrooms, garlic, onions and broccoli



Puzzled, originally uploaded by Split Pearsonality.

The latest obsession, even if it means using his siblings very girly possessions...


CopyCat Recipe - California Pizza Kitchen's BBQ Chicken Pizza

CopyCat Recipe - California Pizza Kitchen's BBQ Chicken Pizza
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Shortcut method to the real thing -
1 portion store-bought pizza dough
Cooked chicken, cut into bite-sized pieces,re-heated in BBQ sauce of your choice.
Add BBQ sauce to pizza dough. Layer with shredded mozzarella cheese, Gouda/Monterrey Jack cheese.
Scatter BBQ chicken over cheese. Add onion slices (red onion preferable). Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes or till cheese melts/dough cooks.. Sprinkle some fresh cut corainder leaves over pizza.


Ten Years....

Ten Years....
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This arrived on day 10, but I've been absent the last 2 days, and only got to photograph it today =(. Walked into a meeting on monday and was presented with this, the token our company gives out for years of service. 10 years = 2 Sapphire dots. Now that I think of it, i don't even know where my "5 year" badge is, but more importantly, it was kind of surreal to realise I've been in one place for the last 10 years.......


Got your colors?

Got your colors?
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On any given day, this is the status of our fruit platter. When I do my routine grocery shopping, I have a straight path through the store that does not change significantly from day to day. Oranges, bananas, apples, lemons.
If I'm feeling fancy, grapes or something exotic like kiwis or mangoes may make an appearance.


What is this?

What is this?
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Delicate feathery light chocolate biscuits.
Courtesy of a bored stroll through Whole Foods while waiting for the kids to let out. Chocolate pizelles. Only 25 calories per serving. Makes it that much easier to


Old Bottle, New Life

Old Bottle, New Life
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One of the duds of our Xmas Party this year (the ONLY one, I must say) was when my husband opened this prized bottle of African after-dinner liquer, and poured it out into a glass in front of all the guests, and what emerged was clumps of fermented, way-past-sell-by-date...milk.
But my mom, who can never bring herself to throw anything away, was so smitten by the bottle, leopard-print-cloth-cover and all, that she washed it out, stuck in a rose bud from the garden and re-christened it.
I still think...FAIL.