Day 58 - When Will We Swim...

Took a snap of the deserted neighborhood pool. While the temps are warming up, we are nowhere near full blown outdoors weather yet....

Day 57 - Ikea

Day 57 - Ikea, originally uploaded by Split Pearsonality.

Trotted off to Ikea to buy the little one some bedroom furniture. Could not resist a stop at their infamously cheap (and good!) cafeteria. I had the warm apple and cinnamon bread pudding with caramel sauce, he had the Daim Torte

Day 56 - Weekend Reading

Yes, I am a Wannabe Asian parent...and demented... finished off both books in one weekend. Interesting to say the least.....

Day 55 - The School Contribution

I signed up to donate a cake for our school event, however, the school district does not allow homemade donations. So the item needs to be store or bakery bought which meant ..BORING.... However, the PTA still wanted a "Seaside or Beach" theme, so I bought some icing sugar pre-made decorations (dolphins, surf boards, and a couple of palm trees) and put them on top of a chocolate cake. Mission accomplished.